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Get Pampered With Wine, Cheese, and Manicures!

If you absolutely love getting pampered, then you should go to this unique nail salon in Ewing, NJ that pampers you to the highest level. You wouldn’t believe how well you get pampered at this place. They even serve you wine as you wait, and as you are getting your nails done from one hand to the other. They know that this is a long process and sometimes great conversation and friendly staff is not enough to make you feel comfortable. The added touch of fine wine and charcuterie makes the experience feel very special every time you visit to get your nails done. Each time you visit you get to choose from a selection of fine wines in this unique nail salon. You also get some special cheeses and treats that go well with the specific types of wines chosen for that day of service. If you have ever enjoyed going for wine tasting, you can now just go to this local nail salon and get the best of both worlds: a taste of fine wines and cheeses, as well as the wonderful pampering of your pedicure and manicure at the same time.

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It doesn’t matter if you enjoy red wine or white wine, light, or deeper tasting wine. This nail salon has it covered. It comes with a variety of wine selections and understands that you love to feel great when you come in to your regular manicure appointment. Rather than being bored for the period of time that it takes to do your nails right, this nail salon gives you a selection of wines that you can choose from for tasting and enjoying. It is a fully licensed facility for serving wine as well. A variety of sides such as charcuterie, grapes, and cheese platters are also available to help you to feel extra loved and fulfilled in your day. You get greeted at the door with excellent customer service and friendly smiles, and then we take your jacket and purse to put them safely away, finally you get seated with an array of excellent and up to date magazines with wine and cheese at your disposal as you wait for a short time for your manicurist to serve you. To ensure that you are fully relaxed if you are doing a pedicure, we put you through a foot soak and shoulder massage as we work with you, all the while having the pampering of your favourite wine from our wine list selection at your disposal. We strive to provide the best of customer service available and you should feel like a pampered princess during these visits. Because of this special service, most customers feel like they just want to experience this over and over again coming back for weekly appointments. We do this for you because we know that you like to feel special, and because you deserve it!

Not only does this nail salon provide fine wines, but it also has knowledge and connection with the finest wineries in the area of New Jersey. Some of the favorite wineries that we like to choose from include Heritage Winery which is a privately owned estate vineyard that creates lovely sweet wines. It was recently named the 2014 Winery of the Year by the New Jersey Wine Growers Association. The New Jersey nail salon likes to pamper you with well selected wines from places like the Heritage Winery, as well as places like the Auburn Road Vineyards. The Auburn Road Vineyards is also a well known winery in New Jersey that this nail salon gets its special wines from in order to pamper you. This winery is known for having amazing World renowned wines. It has also a great selection of artisan cheeses, and a courtyard fireplace. It is this style of pampering that we take very seriously from the winery, into your pedicure and manicure experience. It is as if you are out there in the vineyards sipping on high quality wines with high quality side plates right there in the nail salon. Some other notable wineries which have featured wines at times at this nail salon include the Tomasello Winery of New Jersey and the Laurita Winery. Overall, there is nothing better than the experience of a winery visit in your fully licensed manicure and pedicure pampering session.

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